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Our company has years of experience in detecting billing errors & overcharges in telephone bills, Electric, Gas & Water bills, Credit Card Processing bills, Insurance bills, Office Supplies bills just to name a few. Our expertise also provides us with an insider’s advantage when we negotiate settlements for our clients.

We have been in this business for over twenty years. During that time, we have conducted audits for hundreds of clients in most business categories. We have negotiated for and obtained almost $2 Million in billing credits and refunds. Our total expertise makes us seasoned professionals highly suited for this service.

Clients get results from our service in the form of refunds and/or billing reductions or there is no fee. Therefore, we are results oriented and our fees are self funding. Our primary goal is to get clients 100% of the refunds they are due and make your firm more profitable by helping to reduce your overhead.

There is
if we do not find any billing errors or overcharges in your local, long distance, Internet, mobile phone, or TV bills, You pay nothing!

“I highly recommend the services offered by Phone Bill Auditors to any company that wants to save money on their telephone expenses and reduce their bottom line.”


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